• Kuba Sito

    Kuba has been working in the media since he was 16 years old. A radio
    and TV journalist, he gained experience with, among others, Polish Radio (RDC, Channel 1) Grupa TVN channels (TVN Warszawa and TVN24),
    and TVP (TVP 1, TVP 3). His favourite form of expression is reportage, especially on social issues, but he feels completely at home in live programs.

    He has been involved in film and television production since 2010,
    as a producer, and a director of promotional and advertising films and television programs. In 2015, his film “Three Colors” won a silver dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. In the same year, he received three first prizes at the Film Art & Tourism Festival for the spot “Opole – zawsze jesteś zaproszony” (Opole – you’re always invited) starring Czesław Mozil, Ewa Farna and Marek Piekarczyk, and for the spot and promotional video “Puszcza Białowieska – tu nic nie jest przypadkowe” (Bialowieża Forest – here nothing happens by accident).

  • Bartosz Wyszyński

    Motion designer and editor. Bartosz has been associated with art since childhood and, for more than five years he’s been combining his passion with his work. An artistic spirit, this graduate of the Polish-Japanese University of Technology in Warsaw loves to learn new things and always looks for challenges. He enjoys painting in his free time.

    Experience gained at advertising agencies and numerous projects carried out as a freelancer have allowed him to take charge of film editing, animations and artistic creation in a more general manner.

  • Lubomir Sulgostowski

    Film and television operator. Light and images have been Lubomir’s greatest passion since childhood, and he’s been fulfilling it for 10 years by working with a camera. As a camera operator, he has been changing his dreams into reality in various forms of film expression, shooting advertising spots, promotional videos, news items, reports and documentaries, as well as live programmes.

    Lubomire is permanently associated with TVP and Psycho-Media.
    We can attest fully to the fact that he strives to give every film project its own unique character, regardless of the budget and scale.

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