• Advertising spot

    We offer our customers comprehensive professional production of promotional and advertising spots. Starting with the idea and script, we work through documenting and organising production, shooting, editing, post-production and sound work, to the end product. Each new production is a fresh challenge, to which we take an individual approach. We shoot in Full HD and UHD (2K and 4K) using professional film equipment.

    We specialise in the production of:
    – Advertising spots
    – Promotional spots
    – Promotional campaign teasers


  • Promotional film

    A promotional film plays an important role in contemporary marketing. We strive for the highest production standards, taking into account modern film techniques. A promotional film by Psycho-Media is tailored to your needs. This includes creating the script, selecting the cast and locations, and training contributors, in the production and post-production phases.

    We’re not afraid of challenges. The modern film tools at our disposal (drones and advanced image stabilisation system with gimbal, sliders, and camera crane) will contribute to the film’s final message and dynamics. All the while, we keep in mind the film’s content and its merits.


  • Aerial photos

    We shoot with a professional DJI S1000 Plus film platform, equipped with a three-axis, gyroscopic image stabilisation system. The camera installed on the drone captures images in HD and UHD (2K and 4K).

    The drone is also equipped with an advanced Full HD image transmission system, which makes it possible to connect a video mixer using an HDMI or SDI link and broadcast live.

    When taking aerial photos, we are mindful of  security. Our team consists of skilled unmanned aerial vehicle operators (UAVO). We also have civil liability insurance, extended to an insured sum of PLN 100,000.00.


  • Relations

    Many years of experience in journalism mean that even covering the biggest and most important events is not a problem for us. We focus on the substantive aspects – regardless of whether this is an entertainment event or a serious conference. Quality, not only substance, is what characterises our films.

    We specialise in the production of:
    – News coverage
    – Interviews
    – Programmes for television and similar
    – Multi-camera shooting


  • Broadcasting

    Our services are comprehensive. We not only produce film materials, but also plan advertising campaigns. Broadcasting spots on television (regardless of the range and type of station), online and via non-standard media is not a problem for us.

    We plan advertising campaigns in a comprehensive manner, by choosing the communication tools most suited to your needs. Custom forms, such as programmes with product placement, or business folders that allow unobtrusive but effective advertising, represent no difficulty for us.

    We work with major broadcasters in the market, including:
    – TVP
    – TVN
    – Polsat

Your key to the media world

The success of any business in external relations is based on the company’s image. Work on this is a serious challenge and a big responsibility, especially in a crisis management situation. Our years of experience in the media industry give each of our customers a sense of security and tangible results. We create and implement strategies tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We take care of well-being and comfort by sharing knowledge and experience. We introduce you to the world of multimedia and new technologies, specialising in professional film (for businesses and local government) and television production. Psycho-Media is a product tailor-made for each customer.